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Sunday, 18 March 2012

News Posts 20120312-20120318

Insurance News  -  16 Mar 2012  -  Public
Malaysia's takaful operators STMB and Etiqa are both bullish on the potential of takaful in Indonesia. Factors cited are faster growth rate and huge Muslim population with increasing wealth. Indonesia has 5 takaful companies and 35 takaful windows.

Malaysia’s biggest Islamic insurers plan to expand in Indonesia, taking advantage of industry growth that’s almost three times the pace of their home market and increasing wealth in the world’s most-populous Muslim country.

Insurance News  -  13 Mar 2012  -  Public
Insurance fraud is prevalent in high-volume transactions such as motor and medical insurance. Advanced predictive analytic is said to be able to detect fraud earlier in the claims management process.

MALAYSIA'S insurance industry, which has generally experienced a healthy growth rate, is no longer immune to the volatility of the global and domestic financial market.

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